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I spent half the weekend at the County Courthouse, watching our son's team compete in the county's Moot Court semifinals. They tied for 3rd, which is pretty darn good—especially for a freshman team in the school's first year of the program!

About five weeks ago, it was our daughter's Mock Trial team in the county semifinals for that. Her team finished second. Competitive fake law has had a big year at our house. :D

Moviewise, we finished Miracle at St. Anna. Good cast and performances, much more explicit violence than I would have liked. I suspect it was more depressing than audiences wanted—injustice ran in all directions throughout.

Bookwise, I'm still working on Haunted, and still considering bailing out. The farther in you go, the grosser and more disturbing it gets (kind of like a Quentin Tarantino movie). It's a creative and interesting story, but also really unpleasant (and becoming moreso). Hrm.

We're heading up to Oregon for Spring Break, mainly to visit my parents. This is like signing yourself up for days of boredom, and I know the kids would rather do something fun... but my parents are in their late 80s, and I'm trading off this trip for going in the summer (because I'd like to take at least one 'fancy' trip before our daughter goes off to college, and the kids' summer schedules usually make any sort of planning difficult). I've done some web research to see if we can find much of anything to do up there, but... not looking promising. My parents like to either go out to eat, or sit and watch TV, but not much else. Makes me restless just thinking about it!

Still not done with taxes (time is running out!), and work has taken on a hamster-wheel quality. Boy, the weekends are just much too short. :(

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