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What a week. We're in that windy Spring phase where it's hard to bike outside. I biked Sunday, went to the gym Monday and Tuesday, and had to abort biking on suddenly-windy Wednesday (yesterday). Fine—I decided to head home a little early and go running instead. I got home, got dressed, did the 7-10 minute warmup walk, and then started running. At that point, something strange happened.

I have gone through this sequence, in this same part of my neighborhood, at least 40 times. Yesterday, I ran about 5 steps and then suddenly my legs cut out. It was as if someone hit the "kill" switch for them. My legs just collapsed from the ankles upward, and I fell. OUUUUUCH! Scraped up my hands pretty good, and a little of my knees. I rolled toward the curb and eventually got up, and walked around for about a mile or so and then home. Once you stop being a kid, you really aren't used to falling anymore, and it hurts! It's also much more embarrassing.

But the main thing is, I don't know why that happened. It's the type of incident that drives you to Google unsettling phrases on the Internet, and most of all, it makes me nervous about the next run (whenever that is).

This happens in nightmares all the time (God, the number of dreams I've had where my legs don't work and I have to crawl), but I've never had it happen for real. Ugh. Is this the future, my body slowly betraying me as the years go on? Oh, who am I kidding—in an abstract sense, it always is! Just usually later, and in slightly different ways. :(

Other news: signups for therealljidol have been extended to next Monday, if you were on the fence about trying it out. The first topic is likely to go up tonight, though, so don't be caught unaware!

Reading: I am farther into all the books mentioned last post, except that I left out Anansi Boys. I'm really enjoying it, and it wasn't at all what I expected. I've read Gaiman's The Graveyard Book and Neverwhere (I actually liked the former better than the latter. So unusual, and yet, so much pathos!) This new one has been fun. It's also due in two days, so I need to pick up the pace.

Watched The Woodsman earlier this week. Disturbing but also very good (not just for Kevin Bacon—Mos Def impresses me more all the time). Also saw the first episode of Cosmos, which was awesome. This is where CGI really goes nuts. I still can't figure out which planet is my favorite. Saturn has those rings, which I've always loved, but Neptune's color is so beautiful and serene. Regardless, I still feel bad for Pluto. I doubt that will ever change.

So, is it actually Thursday? Because this week has really dragged. Like my bruised palms across brutal blacktop. :(

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