The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

I need to finish up and post my Idol Introduction entry tonight, i.e, sometime after HSH and I are done watching TV and he goes off to bed. The entry took longer to write than I expected, and this was a freebie! Though as lrig_rorrim said earlier this week in an Idol Green Room session, overthinking things is my superpower. :O

I've got four library books on the Kindle right now, because while you can "freeze" holds on regular books, there's no way yet to do it for Kindle books. I have titles on hold where I'm waaay back in the queue, and others that come due within days. With the high-demand titles, you get three weeks and then you can't renew the book if you didn't finish. That means I need to finish the Lisa Gardner mystery I'm reading and get to the Jack Reacher book. The Palahniuks can apparently wait.

Our battles with mosquitoes continue. Typically, I get back from a Sunday afternoon bike ride and then go right into doing yard work. Hey, I'm sweaty and also sunblocked, so why get dirty twice? Lately, though, dusk has come while I'm out in the yard, and the mosquitoes are really active then. I put systemic treatment on 40% of our roses today (there are about 70 plants), and was under constant harassment. Tomorrow, I'll have a better idea of the damage.

I did find myself thinking that if it had been a month ago, the Whale would have visited me while I was out there. I sure miss him. He was very good company.

We're having off and on wet weather here, after an incredibly dry early winter. That's good news for the reservoirs, though it also means some surprise garage-cycling. I finished House, M.D., S6 last weekend, and let me just say... Andre Braugher. He is just fantastic. Overall, House is an amazing show, but I have a special love for the Andre Braugher episodes.

All right, it's getting late and tomorrow is another workday. Goodbye, weekend!

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