The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Hello, Hades? Shut the damn door already!

*brain ooze*

106-ish today (and muggy. Joy). 109 Saturday. 107 Sunday. 105 Monday. Need I go on? :(

I was thinking, if it's July and it's over 100 each day consistently, it must be time for the Death Ride. In fact, that was 2 weeks ago-- the same weekend as the Western Classic 100-mile footrace that we run around here (i.e., also in Hell). It was 106-108 that weekend, and many runners in the Classic did not finish.

I don't do the Death Ride, despite prodding from friends. This is partly because of the difficulty of finding guilt-free training time (other Moms will likely know what I'm talking about there). But mainly, it is because I am
1) A Heat weenie (100-degrees is really common here in July)
2) A Hill weenie (up to 7 mountain passes)
3) An altitude weenie (base elevation is 5500 feet, max on the highest pass is 8700)
4) A saddle weenie (30 miles is my max-- hard won, I might add. And not on consecutive days).

Put them all together and you have "No thanks!" Although damn, the t-shirts are cool.

Hope everyone's air-conditioning is working this weekend. :\
Tags: cycling

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