The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

If you read no other fics from my 2013 Yuletide offerings post, you should at least read the Anthropomorphic Cities story—it wasn't even my official Yuletide story, but it's weird and fun and snarky. Give it a try. :D

Haven't posted on Twitter in weeks (I have trouble maintaining the swing of it, even though I've finished a ton of books I could be mentioning there). I finally made an empty homepage for Tumblr. Mainly, I just have an account there so I can follow xdarkxmatterx, which is definitely worth checking out!

The Mentalist: not feeling the casting/setting changes at all here. I don't like the skeleton-woman they've added, I miss Wayne and Cho buddying around (which brought out some of Cho's best lines), and Cho isn't getting to display his funny (to the audience) side. They've acknowledged all other aspects of his awesomeness, but they've suppressed my favorite part of him. Boo.

Nothing new on writing post-Yuletide. Things I'd hoped to write as additional treats have stalled out, and I'm not being inspired by other prompts/ideas I've run across. I might have to do a Drabble Meme of Desperation or something pretty quick. (Oops. A thing happened about 10 minutes after I posted that.)

Speaking of desperation... my son, and HSH and I watched Olympus Has Fallen the other night, purely for the attraction of having Morgan Freeman run the country on an emergency basis. The rest of the movie was somewhat entertaining, if wholly ridiculous, but basically we were there for only that one reason. \o?

Oh, but I watched Priest for the slashiness, and it was pretty good. Linus Roache was good, Tom Wilkinson (I never remember his name, but I love the actor) was great, and then there was Robert Carlyle as the love-interest. Definitely worth seeing. Still on the fence about Very Annie Mary, which I picked for the (brief) Ioan Gruffudd/Matthew Rhys-as-lovers thing. (Small roles, too stereotypical for my liking). Rachel Griffith was terrific as the lead, a character whom you feel both frustrated with and for. Can you believe it took me ridiculously long to realize that Annie's father was irredeemably not-nice, simply because Jonathan Pryce was cast in that part? My first encounter with him was in Brazil, so I'm predisposed to liking him—apparently too much so!

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