The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

How is it Friday already?

Boy, two days until I go back to work, and I'm so not ready. I just don't like my job any more, and I can't work up any enthusiasm for being there. But I'm supporting all four of us, including health insurance, so...

No news on HalfshellHusband's health. He saw his GP, and had an echocardiogram yesterday, but we don't have results. He seems to be less short of breath since taking the LASIX, so that's good.

Some more cheerful news: we finally watched Psych, The Musical, which was fun! Shawn and Gus sing well enough, and Juliet and Woody not so much (but I'm always glad to see Woody). But the Captain has a voice, and Carlton? *happy sigh* Surprisingly deep and very, very nice singing.

We also watched the S3 BBC Sherlock premiere via live-streaming on NY's Day (since my daughter knew about it). Really enjoyed it, especially the twist on Anderon's perspective on Sherlock. We've watched a lot of White Collar S1 on DVD, and I've done a lot of needlepoint while viewing (and later removed some pattern mismatches. Every.Single.Time).

And today? We went to see Catching Fire. I thought the story was adapted pretty well, to shorten the pre-tour portion and open up some of the later plot. Not identical to the book, but the differences were unimportant and helped move the exposition more smoothly in a movie setting. I do think Jennifer Lawrence gets more Slavic-looking all the time, and Stanley Tucci is so gloriously, frighteningly over-the-top as Caesar, the TV host. You can't help liking him, even while hating all that the Capitol represents!

Two more days. :( There will be leaf-raking tomorrow, and also running while listening to Night Vale. I ran out of time to go running today (the movie plans screwed things up), and haven't had the breath for it before today. My son's cold finally got to me, after holding it off for over a week. But not terribly deeply-- I think it's on the way out already!

Fic Summary O' Doom sometime in the next week or so...

Tags: hsh, me, movies, office, tv
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