The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Slightly closer to catching up...

I've only finished one Yuletide Madness treat (and it's fluff), so here's hoping I get at least one or two more done by Xmas Eve. I wonder sometimes if the fandoms have gotten too obscure, because some of them aren't really full "fandoms"—they're a series of photographs, or a TV commercial, or a random YouTube video. Those can make for fantastic creations, but 1000 words (minimum) worth? Ulp. Some people can pull it off—I've seen the proof!—but a lot of the requests seem to lend themselves to 300-600 words of awesome and typically not 1000.

We have a tree now, but it isn't decorated—because our daughter is never around long enough. Probably late this afternoon or evening. I got Christmas decorations up in the house yesterday, got some things wrapped, and am still struggling with "fun" gifts for my son. If he weren't calorie-challenged, I could just get him more food-treats. Once kids pass out of the toy stage, it's so much harder!

I made the holiday biscotti this morning, which took two whole hours. I tried making a few modifications to the recipe, to see if I could get taller, narrower biscotti rather than flat, wide biscotti. Then I got distracted by the vague instruction of "combine eggs and sugar well until a thin ribbon forms for a few seconds after the mixer-head is lifted." Given that eggs are involved... is that a lot of mixing? Almost none? The upshot is that the eggs were kind of frothy by the time I was done, which is the last thing you want (and they have to be room temperature, so you can't just start over). Result: flattest, widest biscotti ever. Oddly, they still taste exactly the same, every year. Always delicious, just not very impressive-looking. Oh, well.

Off to the crafts' store for supplies, and maybe a a swing by Walmart since I've exhausted the random gifty-things at Target (and I'm displeased by their whole security-breach problem). Walmart. Yay. Hold me!


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