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My behindness is now behind. I swore the late Thanksgiving wouldn't come back to bite me, but I was wrong. Delaying the outside Xmas lights a week, and then again (because it was in the low 40s last weekend) had a ripple effect. I now have most of the lights up, but no tree, no inside decorations, no cards, and none of the wrapping or baking done. :(

Friday morning, the Prius wouldn't start, but AAA was able to jump the battery so we thought life was good. Early Saturday afternoon, I went out to shop for my sister and Dad (time-intensive but with few results, as usual), went to Trader Joe's to buy treats (HalfshellHusband's birthday is this Thursday, and some of the treats are for him), and it was 4:30 by the time I got home. That was when I found out the Prius had died again (luckily, on the driveway, after my husband returned home from an errand), and also that our sewer line had ruptured in the backyard. Oh, dear god.

The County came out (yay for weekend emergency service), but concluded that the problem was before the take-out, so not their issue. We found a plumber, but he couldn't come until Sunday morning... and then didn't. By noon, HalfshellHusband had to call for backup. It was an obnoxious, showerless, nearly waterless weekend, and a number of things just didn't get done.

On the plus side, my yuletide story is posted at AO3. I've been scouring the pinch-hit list for Yuletide Madness opportunities, but only recently found some. There are whole categories of fandoms I'm not familiar with. Japanese TV/Anime is a big chunk of it, newer TV shows I don't watch, commercials/music videos, and childhood books after my time. The more recent emailings have been more promising, so I hope to do at least one or two ficlet treats.

Still haven't posted my Holiday Wishlist, and it's probably too late. The one thing I REALLY want is a new banner for my Other Fanfic page, since the current one doesn't match most of the fandoms there (it's out of date). But I've been asking for that for years, and no one has yet done it, so it hardly seems worth the effort. Some incidental Bobby+Rufus crabbyfic would be great too, and Tony/Rhodey slash, but other than that, a lot of the things I'd want already exist and I just haven't tracked them down, so why request new stuff?

Harumph. But, this too shall pass, and decorations (and wrapping) will happen at home. I've asked HSH to get the butter out of the fridge, in case there's a baking riot tonight. I always hope to do the baking on the weekends, but it rarely happens for one reason or another. Looks like this year will be similar!

Tags: f-list plea, home disasters, life--don't talk to me about life, me

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