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Pre-post post...

It's Dec 10, which means I have blogging scheduled for my Blogotron Meme today, courtesy of bleodswean. Still looking for more blogging topics, so if you're interested, check out that post. :D

But first, a quick update:

  • I did not wind up getting sick last Friday—I pulled through after a couple of hours. *keeps knocking wood*
  • My work computer tried to die as soon as I got home Friday night. That put a pall on things! I finally found a workaround late Saturday via Google fu, so it's back now. The battery may be a doorstop (hard to tell, with Windows 7 vs. Windows XP), but the PC is usable. Thank.God. My polished Yuletide story was on there, awaiting summary/title, and I would have hated having to rework those edits!
  • I did no Christmas decorating things last weekend. First, there was moping over the computer. Second, brrrr...
  • I have not biked outdoors since Monday the 2nd, when it was about 61 degrees. The next day, high temps dropped into the mid-40s, and barely passed 40 on Saturday and Sunday. A dead-salmon-stench-filled ride suddenly seems like paradise compared to not being able to bike outside.
  • OTOH, due to biking in the garage, I reconfirmed the genius of the opening episode of S6 of House, and why Andre Braugher is such an amazing actor.
  • Sunday's Family Movie Night viewing proved that Mars Needs Moms is just as bad as everyone says. Sloooow plotting, and unloveable characters. Okay for a drama! Bad for an animated family movie. o_O
  • Because of the exercise-scheduling-mess created by my company banning telecommuting, I went jogging early this morning in sub-freezing temps (my neighborhood is all blacktop, unlike the office area. I can't really run on sidewalks any more). Not as bad as you would think, but maybe that's my tendency to overheat talking. ;)
  • Still have not done my holiday fannish wish list! Will it even happen? :(

    Enough of a brain-dump for now. Back to work, and then blogging to follow!

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