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Wow. I didn't mean to disappear there for so long (reading as well as blogging). I got caught up in November's wrisomifu challenge (wrote all 30 days—yes!) and in traveling to my SIL's on Thanksgiving, and then Cybershopping and reorganizing the house and such. Where does the time go?

So, Thanksgiving. The travel wasn't as awful as I'd feared (going to/from the Bay Area on Thanksgiving can turn any trip to a 4- to 5-hour one-way slog), and it was great to see everyone. The health issues on my husband's side of the family are showing, but people are as well as can be expected right now and they enjoyed getting together. The Dogopolis factor was the worst part (I'm now dreading visiting my parents at Xmas, where their puppy will be about 5 1/2 months old). I'm not only not a dog person by temperament, I realized at some point that while smaller dogs' barking is horribly piercing, bigger dogs have more volume. Gah—it all hurts! I put a wad of toilet paper in one ear to drop the impact a little. Yikes.

Writing: Finished my rough draft of Yuletide, which now needs going over for narrative voice (I may be emailing some of you for betawork). I finished several other challenge stories/etc. too, so I'm in good shape to write Yuletide Madness treats if the inspiration comes. And I'll be emailing some of you about THAT too (to try to rope you in to doing treats for fandoms you work in). Heh.

My husband and I watched Skyfall last week. Very surprising! I don't find Daniel Craig good looking at all, so not thrilled with him as a casting choice for Bond (no complaints about his acting). But the visuals in the movie were really stunning, and the depth and darkness of the storyline? Utterly awesome. \o/

Meme time, stolen from several other people: Pick a date for the month of December (what's left of it, from today) and a topic, and I will ramble about that for you. I rcommend checking my tags, to see what my interests generally are, but you're free to pick at will (I reserve the right to reject a prompt, but I'll try to give them all a shot). Now, can I blog without offending if the topic spawns a "Why I hate/don't-care-about this" ramble on something others love (say, Daniel Craig)? *crosses fingers* Have at it in the comments, and I'll update to reflect what you offered. I'm going to choose to call this the Blogotron Meme, because I've been watching too much Futurama lately...

Dec 10: Half hour situational comedy versus hour primetime drama for bleodswean.
Dec 12: Cats I have known (and hopefully, loved) for tsuki_no_bara.
Dec 14: How I became a bicyclist for desertport.
Dec 16: Traveling to new places or revisiting ones I know well-- which do I prefer? for matchboximpala.

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