The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Overdue blathers

Last week, I listened to the Night Vale episode that features The Desert Bluffs version of The Sandstorm. Oh, boy—from the radio announcer's hug-it-out patter to the heavily accordion/accoustic-guitar-based background music, that episode hit inspid Pollyannaism on all counts. It was gloriously dreadful! \o/

Other recent entertainment: we've been watching The Bridge, which Netflix probably suggested. The combination of it being on the FX channel and featuring Ted Levine pretty much guaranteed we'd at least try it. So far so good. We also went to see Elysium last night. More random gore than I'd like, but the story and performances were good. My husband pointed out that they steampunked Matt Damon's character, which was not untrue. Jodie Foster's character was irredeemably heartless, which is a different kind of role for her.

On the home front, my son took a science test last week which had a section on picking the most important scientist of the last however many years. He picked Edison, and then about two sentences in decided that what the answer really needed was an argument for Edison via the embittered POV of Nikola Tesla! As you do. Let's hope the science teacher finds that both a legitimate answer and also hilarious, as opposed to... not having a sense of humor. o_O

So, Nanoing? I've been meeting my wrisomifu goals and creeping along on my Yuletide fic, but that's about it. I thought there would be variety this month, and adventure, and really wild things, and yet... no. :(

Tags: me, movies, my_kids, recs, recs-podstuff, tv
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