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08 November 2013 @ 11:29 am
Aw, Ducks, why you gotta do me like that? *cries*

The Ducks lost to Stanford last night, same as last year, and the way bowl games are set up they won't make the BCS championship and probably not the Rose Bowl either—also like last year. I was really hoping the new coach would learn something Chip Kelly didn't, which is that you must have a strategy for when teams shut down your running game. It _will_ happen. Gah. *more tears*

Re: yesterday's post on my J. Alfred Prufrock fanfic poem... About a year ago, an office reorg resulted in a new person sitting across the wall that leads to the breakroom/bathroom. She put up a desk plant (some miniature palm) that had these two pathetic tufts of foliage, as if it were trying really hard to grow some hair, but that was the best it could do. More "wistful offerings of hair" than "wistful remnants," but it still makes me think of that line from my poem! The plant looks a little better now, but it's still the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of desk plants. I don't know why anyone would keep one of those. (I looked for a picture online, but my Google-fu at describing that thing is insufficient.)

LEGOs: still piecing the Star Wars ones together, and have sold about 5 sets already. We have a LOT of mini-figures to beg back from Christopher's former friend who wheedled to borrow them and didn't return them all. I'm halfway through a final big set and there are one or two to scrape out of the scattered pieces, and then the Star Wars will be DONE (30+ sets total of just those). o_O On the current set, though, Christopher pointed out last night, "I added this part myself!" and darnit—his extra widget had at least two of the pieces I'd been missing from other sets! Though I'll admit, the battle-walker was much improved by his addition.

Weekend: Must. Make. Yuletide. Go. Faster. I'm adding about 100-150 words a night, and trying not to get too bogged down in the narrative, but still—why so slow? I'll have to rewatch a bunch of episodes, too, before this thing is done. The other fandom is still D.O.A., though, so I guess this is the way to go. \o?

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nodressrehersalnodressrehersal on November 10th, 2013 01:14 am (UTC)
I was just thinking, "Time to call on the mom of the borrower..." I cannot imagine putting lego kits back together. We had so many of the big sets, tons of bins and bins and drawers, and more bins... the kiddos would usually build the kit once and then turn it all into their own creations. When we had the house fire 13 years ago, we had to throw them all away because they were coated with toxic soot from the electrical fire. My 28 year old still mourns the loss of those legos.