The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Tweet expansion, etc.

(Some of this is repeat-info for people following my tweets, except with more detail)

Books: I tweeted about finishing The Black Ice, and then re-reading Concrete Blonde again because of how much I love the Harry Bosch character. The tweet was favorited by the author's minions, but it contained my personal spelling of Connelly's last name (which I get wrong every time), so it was kind of a backhanded compliment. :( I also finished several other books, and bailed on Moth; or, How I Came To Be With You Again (described as being about a man who has trouble distinguishing dreams from reality, which seems to be correct. But the execution is a lot of mysterious garbling most likely translated in very literal fashion from the original German). I'm almost finished with Poe, which I'm reviewing for Amazon VINEs. This one is terrific—I like the characters, the prose style, and the unfolding of the story has been really interesting. The quantity of supernatural stuff (that might normally make me shy away from a story) increases toward the end, but the build-up has made it all work. Another VINEs book waits in the wings...

Nightvale: On Sunday, I realized I'd listened to several episodes of this series out of order, due to how my husband loaded up my iPod. Two radio-station interns died before the episodes that first mentioned them, but the thing is that with Nightvale, that could still be the actual story arc! I will say this, having tripped too far ahead: that should NOT be Carlos' voice. Please.

New Kitty: My daughter calls her a 'whiny baby,' and it's true. This cat expresses every passing feeling, which is wonderful when it's 'mrrrp' or her circular, trilling purr. But when something happens that she doesn't like, she growls and hisses and huffs. That includes picking her up, moving her off your lap, any time she feels as if she's slipping off your lap, or when she gets a claw stuck in your clothes (she thinks you're doing something mean to her). She's mostly happy, so long as she's nearby or sitting in your lap. She still hates The Whale, though he's been far nicer to her than I'd expected. She also 'huffs' when she wanders around exploring—probably smelling through her mouth, as cats are said to do (but mostly don't, at least not when people are around). Last week, I spotted an open cabinet door in the hallway and lamented my kids' sloppiness. Then I noticed the stuff lying on the floor, all from the cabinet's bottom shelf. Ahem. Can't childproof everything!

!Yuletide: My holdover snippet from a few years ago just sits there. It has no arc or plot, and I think I'm going to abandon it. Still, there isn't another story I want to write in that fandom, so yesterday... I started poking at the backup fandom. With the tricky narration. Hey, at least I have a sketch of something that is like a plot there, as well as a couple of paragraphs...

Everyone surviving? I know the Nano folks are drowning, and the rest of us are mostly doing mini challenges. Still hanging in there?

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