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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a terrific Halloween, and that some of you brave souls who are better than I have dressed up for your office today (and will post pictures!) \o/

Following on the heels of kronette's great idea, I thought I'd share some Halloween-themed stories I've written over the years (since I sadly have nothing new today). Please enjoy any holiday treatlets that appeal to you!

Gen: Candy Apples And Vampire Teeth (Weechesters, AU, PG) - For spn_halloween, five Trick-or-Treat monsters Dean never met.
Gen: Halloween Dreams In A Motor-Inn World (Pre-Series, Weechesters, PG) - For spn_halloween, John's not up to Halloween, and Little Dean creates the holiday from stuff in the motel .
Gen: Monster Mash (Pre-Series, Teenchesters, PG) - Halloween Dance disaster.
Gen: The Cardboard Crown Of Futility (PG) - For spn_halloween, the one thing the boys DO like about the holiday.
Gen: Don't Come Knockin' (Rufus, PG-13) - Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes Halloween fun. (for spn_halloween)
Gen: Turn At Last To Death's Ordinary Door (PG-13, Deathfic, remix of The Ashen Apple Of These Days) - S3 AU: In the years after Dean's death, everything goes to Hell for Sam and the other hunters.
Gen Drabble: Witch Kitsch (Sam & Dean, Humor, PG)
Gen Creepiness: Death In Flight (Pre-Series, John, PG-13) - A retelling of the Room for one more Urban Legend as it happens to John.
Wincest Slash: Trick Or Treat (Sam/Dean, NC-17) - For spn_halloween, Sam and Dean play their own dirty version of "Trick Or Treat."

Prison Break:
Gen: An Inventory Of Holiday Success (Pre-Series kidFic, fluff, PG) - Taking stock, down to the last Tootsie Roll, after Halloween.
Slash: Elusive Autumn - (Pre-Series Michael/Lincoln schmoop, PG) - In Illinois, autumn is fleeting...

Original Fic and Other Seasonally-Appropriate Fanfic:
House, M.D. Haunted House (Wilson, House, PG) - Exactly what the title says...
Listening For The Moon (PG) - It was better she didn't know...
Don't Think, Don't Breathe - LJ Idol fic for "Walkiing On Eggshells."
In The Dark - Why couldn't I remember anything?
Black Oak Road (PG) - There are places you don't drive after dark.
Disquietude - LJ Idol Drabble set on 1337.
The Hidden Lake - Deep in the forgotten forest, there was a lake that held the colors of the sky...
Digging Up The Past - (Humor) Gal pals in a graveyard.
The Woods - With clear skies behind us, we gave no thought to weather or time...

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