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Humor Recs

I'm having a spammity kind of week. But I bring Humor to make it better. Mostly Supernatural right now, though the Prison Break folks need it more.

Some are new, some older, but all good. :)

anteka's Plastic Winchester Adventures. This is Supernatural as told with Ken dolls. The Sam hair! The relentless plaid! This has everything. :D

fatale's Supernatural Fandom Overview, which says as much about the fandom as the show. Hilarious!

From la_folle_allure and tallisen, we have Supernatural Season 1 as told in Stick Figures. CrackPic no home should be without! It is separated into Part 1, and Part 2
There are so many pieces of perfection here, including the cruel funniness of "The Pilot" and "Phantom Traveller," the crack portion of "Bugs," and the fandom hangover from "Devil's Trap."

moonythestrals Why Supernatural is Super Awesome, which is more CrackPick, done with markers. Sam's Giant Ball of Angst, and the details on how Dean drives just make this entry.

deirdre_c does regular "Top Ten" lists for Supernatural by Episode. But the cracked-out non-episode one on Ten Ways Supernatural Would Be Different If Dogs Ran The Show is in a class by itself...

For Prison Break fans, there is this wonderful creation that fiddleyoumust and lissa_bear made for clex_monkie89's birthday back in April:
Prison Break As Told By Winnie The Pooh. It is a little anti- Michael/Sara and a little pro- Lincoln/Michael, but nothing I think will destroy anyone, unless you are a diehard Michael/Sara shipper on the level of "Nika and Veronica must die, because they touched Michael." :0 But I suspect not... The "incriminating photos" of Lincoln's crime still crack me up.

And there you have it. Hope you find something fun in there!
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