The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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Nightvale and kittyness (two unrelated things)

First, Welcome to Nightvale: ALL the weirdness! \o/

I'd characterize it as a sardonic sci-fi fake-radio-broadcast-series of a little desert town already a few years into being infested with aliens and trying to reposition their reality as best they can. For instance, when taking your children out to play in the scrublands and sand wastes,

keep an eye on the helicopter colors. Are the unmarked helicopters circling the area black? Probably world government. Not a good area for play that day. Are they blue? That's the sheriff's secret police. They'll keep a good eye on your kids, and hardly ever take one. Are they painted with complex murals depicting birds of prey diving? No one knows what those helicopters are, or what they want. Do not play in the area. Return to your home and lock the doors until a sheriff's secret policeman leaves a carnation on your porch to indicate that the danger has passed. Cover your ears to blot out the screams.

Definitely worth a listen. :D

Kitty news: We have named our new-to-us (she's four) black cat "Jinx," and are learning more about her personality. I've never understood why some people want a "really smart" pet. I want a cat that is smart enough to use a litterbox and learn the house rules, Smarter pets just find new ways to cause trouble. I thought the Whale was smart, but damn.

The second day we had Jinx, she disappeared. We thought one of the kids had let her out of the kitchen, and we searched the house twice over and made multiple treks through the yard (can you imagine going back to the shelter and telling them you already lost your new cat?) She reappeared in the early afternoon, and my husband found a tell-tale half-open cupboard door in the laundry room. He'd searched the cupboards! So, not only can she open the doors, she knows enough to pull them closed after herself when she's inside. Argh! We have now child-proofed all the cupboard doors.

She is also able to get fairly heavy, sliding pocket-doors open with enough persistence, and has learned that she can pop the laundry-room door open by heaving herself at it enough. Sunday night was an Obnoxion of scu-SCUFFLE... scu-SCUFFLE... on the doors to the family room (the cat could see my daughter sitting inside on the sofa, which meant LAP POTENTIAL). I put a chair in front of the pocket doors, and Jinx crept in from the side and resumed trying to open them. I put her in the laundry room, and after a few minutes of buh-BAM-buh... buh-BAM-buh... she got the door open and returned to her mission of trying to get into the family room. o_O

See, excess smartness just leads to knowing what you COULD have, and being dissatisfied that you DON'T. Add persistence onto that (because you're smart enough to know that sometimes, it pays off) and you've got trouble.

I look forward to when this cat gets over her issues with the Whale, and is willing to move onto the main sofa that everyone uses. 95% of what she wants, at any given time, is to be on someone's lap. The problem is that the laps are generally located somewhere she doesn't want to go.

It's ironic: because of Tigger's late-life issues with the litterbox, we had all the rooms shut off to keep her fully monitored. Now, with a new cat who has not yet learned the house rules of not getting up on anything but a lap or towel-covered sofa, the doors are shut again. I think the house is more in jail than the cat!

So, Halloween is coming. Anyone dressing up? I finally have most of the decorations out, though no candy yet. Just to be safe. ;)

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