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I signed up for Yuletide late last night, which is always an experience of its own. I never seem to get the hang of nominating fandoms OR suggesting tags, so as a result... Reaper isn't on the list this year, and Live Free Or Die Hard is somehow missing John McLane as a specifically-requestable character. If I'd been remotely on the ball, I'd at least have fixed that last part. That forced me to change one of my requests and one of my offerings. Also, the "must offer" minimum is five now instead of four, which kind of threw me. Let's hope I don't regret the fandom I offered at the last minute!

In other news, my birthday is coming up in less than a week... and I have no ideas for gift suggestions to give my husband. :( This is worse than usual, because this will be my 50th (God, HOW?). Given that it's a milestone birthday, my husband wants to give me something momentous, but I don't really want or need anything. Christmas is like this, too. For better or worse, what I want are intangible things (family health, weight loss, an absence of sudden surprises that eat into our bank account). I typically acquire songs (once in awhile), not albums. I borrow books unless I really want to re-read them often. If we buy DVDs, they're usually TV series now and not movies.

It's like something gekizetsu was saying last week: I'm generally content with the material things we have, and don't want or need more except to replace things that break. I'm not a big jewelry wearer, I'm not a spa-and-manicure type of person, and I have the bike I need. All of that is really good as a long-term thing, but for occasions involving presents, it's kind of troublesome.


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