The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Yes, still here...

Thanks to all of you who voted for me in LJ Idol, and supported me along this last arc. I made it to #7 this round, which was my best finish yet, and wrote a lot of stories I'm really proud of. I'll make a fic page for them in the next couple of weeks, as part of my obsessive archiving...

Let us not speak, though, of how far behind I am in getting the Prison Break/Supernatural fanfic uploaded to AO3. There is just so much of it. Little by little, I suppose. Which is to say, long periods of totally forgetting that it's even a goal. ;)

I need to make hotel reservations for Wincon soon. The plane tickets are taken care of, but I haven't doen the hotel. I'm both looking forward to Wincon, and dreading the fact that I'll be 10 pounds heavier than the last trip (Chicago), which was 10 pounds heavier than the first trip (Los Angeles)! The hunger issue is just a constant battle.

Speaking of which, let's monkey-wrench that ongoing problem: I've started taking antibiotics again for my skin. It clears up the acne pretty well, and after 2 months I stop and things are good for maybe a year before the acne gets chronic again. I need those breaks, partly because long-term antibiotic use just isn't good, and also because it is very hard to work the drug/food/vitamin conflict out. To wit: 1) Wake up and take thyroid pill on an empty stomach. Wait an hour. 2) Take antibiotic. Wait another hour before eating. 3) Eat breakfast (avoiding dairy). 4) Take late-morning meds. 5) Lunch around 12-2, depending on exercise. Better take the calcium pills now. 6) Afternoon snack, afternoon meds. If there aren't too many, take the multivitamin (iron conflicts with calcium AND the antibiotic). 6) Dinner. 7) Snack (Rarely one, because I'm starving much of the evening). Wait 2 hours after last snack. 8) Take the second antibiotic at bedtime, along with remaining meds.

A lot of my protein comes from dairy sources, so the dairy/calcium conflict makes planning even more difficult.

Kitty: We may be getting a new kitty soon! Our choice will sound insane, and it's largely driven by what shorthaired adult female cat at the shelter could be an indoor/outdoor animal. This kitty is 10, and has some bladder issues related to stress (so, she needs periodic meds and care to manage her environment). Her biggest issue would be our other cat, really. But my husband asks, "What makes you think it has to be this cat?" Well... the two people most likely to pick the Charlie-Brown Christmas tree went to the shelter, and had my son gone he would have made exactly the same choice for the same reason. Our family could give this kitty a quiet, loving home, and few people would adopt an animal of her age and her shyness, all medical issues aside. Even as I type this out, it sounds completely stupid. But I still suspect it's going to happen...

All right, back to work. I need to ponder some of the writerverse prompts over the next few days and take a crack at those (and hopefully, my Exhibit A story for my winner, who has been very patient). Meanwhile, blergh...

Tags: me, my_cats, random, wincon
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