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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

All right, Idol voting is up for this round, and is open only to community members. This is where I once again urge you to join the community and try it out! therealljidol offers great stories, fun Green Room posts, writing challenges, and useful comments/help from other members. Even if you just want to watch the comm, or try Home Gaming for some of the topics, it's well worth it! Plus, you'd also be able to vote for my entry for this week, which is here, and could really use some support. :)

We finished watching BBC Sherlock, S2 this week. What a place to leave the viewers! No wonder people are so desperate for the next season. Again.

We and our son concluded Arrested Development, S1, which my son really liked. He and I are ready for S2, and my husband is kind of "meh." He liked it the first time he saw it (years ago), but remembers it too well to want to rewatch. It's strange—that must have been far enough back to have "stuck" better, because more recent stuff is mostly forgotten. The ECT plus the chemo created a period of several years that are pretty spotty. But this show preceded that by several years, so it might be "in there" more solidly.

I'm still reading Vampires In The Lemon Grove. Several more stories that don't really "end," but others keep me hooked. There was a really strange one about several U.S. Presidents who were reincarnated as horses living on the same farm, and I just finished a wonderfully absurd satire on tailgaiting at the annual arctic Food Chain Games (for fans of Team Krill, not for those Team Whale blowhards). I'm done reading David Sedaris' Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls (liked it a lot), and I'd hoped to start a new-to-me Harry Bosch book on Kindle... except that the only copy was an Audiobook. Whhhyyyy? Oh, and I'm also a little ways into My Father's Ghost Is Climbing In The Rain. If you guessed that I picked that one partly because of the title, you're right. ;)

So, errands await: post-office, Walgreen's (we're out of Sudafed, and I still have a cold), maybe Target. The cat we'd hoped we might adopt? The shelter sent her to a foster home the day before, to give her a break (from both her location and from watching all her friends leave for new homes). Argh. Well, we'll keep looking.

ETA: Gah! Still haven't left the house, because my daughter discovered that the Ducks game was being broadcast. 2.5 hours later, it still isn't over...

Tags: books, pimpage, tv
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