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Thanks to those of you who voted for me last week, I broke my LJ Idol "Top Ten" losing streak. Luckily, the round's two frontrunners also stayed in, surviving a late voting surge. It's always tough this late in the competition—all the writers are good, and the eliminations are miserable.

So, for this week's entries the remaining eight writers paired up to work together. lrig_rorrim and I had all kinds of fun collaborating on our stories. But now for the ugly twist: in thinking we were doing an "intersection," we each inadvertantly picked our competitor for this round. NOBODY is happy about this, especially as most of us were working with good friends whose work we love. Ugh. I've been consoling myself with chocolate ever since the voting announcement came out.

Better news: my bike is behaving itself again, since what it mostly needed was major tightening of the derailleurs after new cables were put on (they stretch a lot at first). I was able to bike yesterday without trying to avoid any iffy gears. I still have to eventually replace my shoes, but I am not above using duct tape (albeit in decorative fashion) to temporarily suit my needs.

HalfshellHusband and I finished watching S3 of the BBC's Luther. Episode three was heartbreaking (I'm still unhappy about it), and this season's "love interest" didn't really work. Still, so much fantastic acting, and the storytelling is gripping. Definitely more satisfying than the trainwreck that is S7 of Burn Notice. Honestly I can't fathom who thought fans would enjoy any part of the S7 storyline. It's been almost pure aggravation.

Books: I finished Imaginary Enemy (a good YA novel), I started Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls, and I'm trying to resist re-reading The Hot Zone (which is in the house, so I may lose that battle). New Jack Reacher novel at the gym, and I'm still working on the book of short stories by the bed. But I picked up a few more grown-up books at the library, so a changeover may happen soon.

Weekend plans? I'll be doing home projects, and possibly getting seduced by hardware store ads...

Tags: books, cycling, me, tv
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