The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Moan-day again...

Voting closes today for the LJ Idol Poll. My entry is here, and we are losing 4 of 14 people (!!), so your support is always appreciated. There are some really terrific stories this week. :)

Weather: What IS this mess? Hovering around 100o and muggy, with a chance of thunderstorms starting yesterday. Several days of this ahead, and the air is, of course, dead. When the Delta breeze stops in Sacramento, the place instantly becomes a furnace. :(

Not much sleep last night due to the heat, a backache, and dreams of searching through LEGOs (many now even sorted!) for that one freaking missing piece on many of the sets. Plus, some of my son's various Star Wars clones/droids/etc. are likely at the house of an ex-friend who used to wheedle and wheedle to borrow them. :(

So, school started last Thursday (let me not get into my usual epic rant on our School District's ever-summer-reducing policies). The street I take to the freeway on the way to work is still torn up. This was a June-August project, but the one part they've focused on is right in front of a high school. The road is down to one lane each way, with sidewalks torn up there and around the corner. You know, exactly where the parents drop off and the kids need to walk! The street also continues on toward two elementary schools, a middle school, and another high school, so morning rush through that area is a disaster. I go in a little later, but I noticed last week that on opening day the workers were pouring and shaping the sidewalk at hyperspeed. For awhile, I wondered what exactly was being done there and what improvements were supposed to be made. Then I noticed the torn-up bike lane and sidewalks, and the giant sewer pipes. Technically, the signs say "road work" and not "road construction." I guess what they mean is, SEWER work. A whole summer to do two blocks of road! \o?

Today's burning question: what the heck happened to my weekend? How is it already over? :(

ETA: Back from the bike ride. Good thing I did the long one yesterday instead! This one finished a little short, and right at 100o. Funny, it never seems that bad at the start, but heat stress seems to be cumulative. Ulhh....

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