The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Nothing wants to finish. Or start.

Boy, my Idol story is due tomorrow on the topic of "Unwind," which was my own prompt and which I had an idea for when I submitted the topic... but having started the story, I worry that it's too techie. Or dry. Or something. It would have been fine around Week 5, but I'm not sure it'll cut it in the Top 14. *sigh* Any and all suggestions are welcome at this point. :( Traded prompts with lrig_rorrim, though I would have otherwise probably gone with one of alien_writings' awesome suggestions!

My daughter's birthday is today, and I'm putting the finishing touches on her cake. I feel as if my cake efforts are going backwards—this is just a straight frosting affair, and she picked "giraffe" for some reason and selected from the pictures of animated giraffes I was capable of making. The results are not TOO bad, except for the splotches. Something like inverted chocolate non-pareils would have made nice, uniform spots, but giraffes are not leopards and their 'spots' are not round. So, I have frosting splotches that look less like 'giraffe' and more like... those moles your dermatologist warns you about. o_O

Pictures later, but they will not be impressive—not like some of my previous work (click the "cakes" tag to see).

My son's birthday is in a week, and he has no idea what he wants so I have no idea what to get him! Fourteen is a difficult age, and now that he's outgrown LEGOs and has one single video-game obsession, um... \o?

Tags: my_kids
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