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Status Check...

This weekend I wrote my Idol entry (humor!), bagged up some more LEGO sets (a small dent in the whole), thought about packing but did very little about it, and watched some TV/movies.

We finished rewatching Burn Notice, Season Two with the kids. That used to be such a fun show, and the last couple of seasons have been so dark and now finally, "Meh." Alona Tal is NOT doing well in her guest role this season, and the whole lead-up to it has been kind of weird. The whole group dynamic is really off lately, and I hate to see the show end on this note. :( At least I'm not perpetually distracted by Fiona's eyebrows this year.

The grownups rewatched Midnight Run. About a year after that came out, the San Francisco Chronicle's movie reviewer said that he didn't think Robert De Niro was a truly great actor because the guy did not do comedy. Hellooooo? That movie is still funny even now, and De Niro went on to Fockerize the world in later years, further disproving the reviewer's point. Okay, then.

Tonight there will be epic packing (*groan*), and I also have to defuzz our little dwarf bunny. The only sitter we could find is one of Lauren's friends who 'does not like animals' (as in, may be slightly phobic about them). The bunny is normally painfully cute, but this time of year he continually sports random tufts of gray underhair as a form of shedding (much like our cat Tigger used to do). So right now, he's kind of seedy-looking—as if he's the kind of bunny who hangs out in dive bars smoking cigs and playing pool. This will not make a good impression. :O

Bunches of birthdays right around now, so let me mention them before we go roaring off to Oregon and I forget: many happy returns and best wishes to alien_writings, esorlehcar, erinrua, jasmasson, deirdre_c, unhobbityhobbit, and oxymoron67! I hope I'm not forgetting anyone—one of the LJ updates buried the birthday info I've relied on, and I have no idea where they're hiding it now.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Tags: me, movies, our animals make me nuts, tv

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