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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The Training Class That Swallowed Time...

The training thing wound up being mandatorily onsite and most of every day, so I'm getting very little else done. Can't bicycle on the lunch break (I can't turn around the sunblock-exercise-shower cycle that fast, even with a shorter ride), and I'm fighting doziness every day around 2pm. I biked after work today, but Friday is out as it's supposed to be 103o. This pretty much cancels my weekend camping plans, too. Well, at least things are better than they were on Monday: I had the worst of the classroom's not-great equipment, and the instructor likes to zoom over things that he does not write down or have printed in the companion slides. The whole day was a frustration spiral of, "Okay, go here. Copy this down. Now make the file, and load it. Did you see the output?" while NO—I was still waiting for my Linux window to respond to my request to copy over the damn files! Ugh.

Idol voting closes on Friday, and one of my stories isn't doing terribly well (the one for my own prompt!) I wrote about Design Flaws, and a dystopic fiction story for When I Was Young. There were TWO stories due this week, which ate more of the weekend than I'd hoped.

I did make a small dent in the Lego Project of Doom in my son's room. After a couple of rounds of, "This set's done, but I'm missing just this one piece," I decided to start sorting the stuff in his many "catchall" bins so that all the really basic Lego 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. pieces were bagged by color, making random leftover things like a coffee pot or a Hogwart's spire easier to find. Plus, it will make building some of the never-built sets easier. My goal is to build the sets completely, then disassemble and bag them with their instruction books for later resale or handing down to grandkids. I wish Lego didn't "shed" most of their sets so quickly-- the Castle stuff is fantastic, and so were the sets for Atlantis. After about 2 years, Lego retires those and makes new things. Why? When will Knights/Horses/Castles or freaky sea creatures ever go "out of style"?

In other news, I caught about an hour of The Karate Kid on Sunday, and I still get major homoerotic vibes from the interactions between Johnny and the Cobra Kai coach. Not realized vibes, just the sense of some intense energy of the not-quite-right kind. Messing around on Google, I see that what gets flagged instead is Daniel and Mr. Miyagi, which just bugs me. That is clearly more of a father/son kind of relationship to me. Also, I have a ridiculous love for Pat Morita as Mr Miyagi, and that just sullies his entire character. As does the remaking of the movie, because you cannot improve on The Original Miyagi. :(

All right, off to bed. More training (Happy-happy-joy-joy!) awaits in the morning, and it's after midnight. I'll be dreaming about Johnny and the Coach no doubt, and hating myself for not being immune to Johnny's beauty (really—he had the face of an angel) despite the character being evil and my not even liking blond men! Ahem.

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