The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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That's the sound I make when I dribble the Whale's blubber while he's lying on the sofa. Not that he has much anymore, but hey—that fatness won't just bounce itself. Mostly. My son opts for "Wubba-wubba-wubba" while doing the same thing. Either way, sound effects are clearly necessary!

Speaking of cats, I think I finally finished the plaque for Tigger's grave. Only 4 tries! The kit for the first one apparently had the instructions for their new version, which is about 1/3 larger. Hence the "too much water" problem. The middle two? Plaster of Paris that canNOT be stirred in the mold, despite the instructions (failure #2), and is also far too brittle to actually move even days later (failure #3). Geez. I'm still letting the fourth one cure (4-5 days ought to be safe enough). At least I can use this icon again without wanting to cry.

I'm working on the first of the two Idol stories due this week, but still have no good ideas for the second one. The prompt choices are, When I Was Young, the email that made you feel like a BAMF, The heart of time, and Smells like rubbing alcohol. I love the third one, but still... WHAT. Any ideas for something you might like to see me write, oh mighty f-list? You've been very helpful in the past! :D

Also still waffling over whether to go camping weekend after next. My husband hates tent-camping, my daughter doesn't want to go, and it's a lot of work. And we now need to leave for Oregon just three days after we get back. Do I even have the energy for this? And yes, I hate the packing/unpacking and sleeping on the hard air-mattress in the cold. But the hiking is wonderful. *sigh*

Tags: f-list plea, me, my_cats
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