The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Post-Holiday and then some...

Between the 4th and the horrible heat-wave that finally backed off last Friday, I got nothing done except to finish and post my Idol entry. This week's was on music, and involved painful amounts of HTML coding. Also a little journey through some audio-editing software. :O

We had temps around 104-105 from Friday the 28th through Thursday the 4th, and it was awful. I got in more cycling than you might expect, because I went out much earlier than usual (I am NOT a morning person). I'm dreading our electric bill—most of that time, it was still 90o at 11pm, which means no opening of windows to cool things down. :( We spent the 4th at my brother's, which always includes his terrific firework display, and then an hour's drive home starting at 10pm. But it's kind of neat driving into Sacramento then, with 3-4 different official fireworks displays booming over the city.

The weekend before last, we watched Fight Club. I've put that off for years, because much of the premise revolts me. The story-telling was terrific, though—the first ten minutes were not at ALL what I would have expected. We're also watching Homeland, and periodic episodes of Star Trek:TOS via Netflix. Christopher likes the latter, but half the time he wants to watch Futurama instead (which I like, but my husband hates). We were in S2 of Doc Martin, until Netflix yanked it from streaming. Our daughter, meanwhile, has no interest in any of this stuff but has mainlined 2 seasons of the BBC Sherlock Holmes in her room. And thinks the two leads belong together, which as you know, is not uncommon among the show's fans.

I finally booked hotels for our Oregon vacation. Life was easier (and cheaper!) when we could stay with my sister, but sadly, that is no more. Finding affordable places near Portland's downtown is trickier than I'd like.

Ooh—finished and reviewed Reboot (started off well, then detoured badly through the YA romance genre for much of the middle), finished Price And Prejudice (shut up, I never read that in school!), and read One Plus One Equals Blue (a kid-to-teen book about a boy with synesthesia). Now I'm reading Michael Palin's The Truth for Amazon VINEs, so I'd better crank it up and review it too. If I can stop getting distracted by various free Kindle e-books...

Tags: books, kids' books, movies, tv

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