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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Still so happy about the DOMA decision! California should begin issuing marriage licenses to gay couples again within the coming month. We've got a lot of sore losers complaining that the State of California didn't back Prop 8 in court (as they expected it to), but it was an unconstitutional amendment and not the State's idea to begin with. I'm just sorry it took so long for that last nail to be pounded into its coffin.

Other much less important news... thanks to a shift in Idol scheduling, I may get things done this weekend that are completely unrelated to trying to squeeze out stories one sentence at a time. They're unlikely to involve anything outdoors, though. It'll be over 100 both days this weekend, possibly 111 on Monday (last Monday was raining and about 67, which is why Sacramento is SO much fun). Only one of our cars presently has air-conditioning, as the other's fancy built-in dashboard stereo went in for repair and that sidelines the A/C, too. Had we known that, we would have let it go until the Fall! As a software engineer, I reiterate my motto: keep it simple. And for the love of god, do not converge multiple devices into a single point of failure!

Item #491 of "If I ruled the world": Despicable Me 2 would just be a series of film shorts involving the Minions. Who needs the main characters? I like them well enough, but I LOVE the minions. ;)

Books: I'm finishing Pride And Prejudice. It becomes more and more clear how much a labor of love the movie "Bride and Prejudice" was. The work put into making updated characters/settings that are still utterly recognizable as parallels of the original really stands out. I also reviewed Reboot for Amazon VINEs. The premise, start, and characters of that book were terrific, but it derailed into a stereotypical (and sexist) romance novel in the middle and just barely recovered by the end. Very entertaining overall, but the middle was an utter waste.

Meanwhile, I'm reading a Kay Scarpetta novel at the gym (and cursing the tiny font). The whole series took a downturn for me when the Mary Sue niece became such a prominent character. And while Kay married the FBI agent she loved, the author frequently ditches him as quickly as possible because he's kind of a wet blanket and makes Kay seem more of one, too. I still enjoy Marino, though, because let's face it—he's a crank. I always love the cranks...

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