The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Still Wednesday by my clock...

We had a nice Father's Day, which included a matinee of Star Trek: Into Darkness followed by frozen yogurt. The movie was very entertaining, with great humor, but I'm irked at how much was remixed from a previous Star Trek movie! Also... I like the cast, but they'll never be the "real" cast to me, not as someone who grew up with The Original Series.

We had Chinese food for dinner Sunday (HalfshellHusband normally is our cook). The place where we usually get takeout was closed, so we used the ritzier neighborhood place instead. Wish I had a menu now so I could write notes on it: they make their own hoisin sauce, it is weird, and their moo-shu mixture has a skanky smell to it. Also, broccoli chicken is not "just like" broccoli beef, but is instead some blanched, bland waste of time that should never see the light of day. Potstickers and kung pao chicken were excellent.

I've finished reading Reboot, so I need to get that review written for Amazon VINEs! Also done reading all my grownup non-gym books and a couple of YA books, so I'm randomly reading something I brought home for Christopher. I feel certain there are other, better library books hiding in his room right now...

Started watching Portlandia on Netflix. My older sister has been nagging me to see it for years, but since we got streaming service again AND Netflix is carrying it, now apparently is the time. It is absurd. And that is never bad.

I went non-fiction for this week's Idol entry because one of the prompts tied right into something that's been on my mind lately. I'd like to be able to say this is the only medical condition in my husband's family that I badly wish I could fix, but they honestly have a greater share of misfortune than most people.

Will my vacation planning ever get finished? This seems more paralyzing every year, and we're still just going up to Oregon to see family. I think it's harder because this is less interesting as the kids get older. When they were tiny, playing with their cousins all day long was the bees knees to them. Now? They're teenagers, and hardly anything is diverting for long. It's a sad and jaded age, even for good kids...

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