The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Another Day, Another Dead Watchband...

Seriously, I can barely make it 2 months with these things. Why don't they make smaller watchbands, so that I'm not always catching the loose flap on things and breaking the band? Even the flexi-metal ones are too big. :(

SO! Spent much of the weekend writing my LJ Idol story with partner porn_this_way, who was sheer joy to work with. Voting ends today, and my fashion-skewering story is here. Be sure to read hers as well—it's hilarious!

The stories for the Justified Fic-Exchange have been revealed, so I can post mine here at my journal—probably tomorrow. A really neat pre-series Raylan/Boyd was written for me. I'd say R-rated. Please check it out if that pairing appeals to you!

I finished reading Jasper Fforde's The Woman Who Died A Lot last weekend. I wish it had been a little 'snappier,' though I liked it. I'm about to finish Libba Bray's The Diviners, a YA novel set in the American Roaring Twenties. I've enjoyed it, though it doesn't approach the genius of her Going Bovine. Next up: a post-apocalyptic YA book to review for Amazon.

Two USA Network shows to record or watch tonight: the return of Burn Notice and the premiere of Graceland. Looking forward to both of them.

Any plans this weekend? I need to think about our summer vacation, which is already bound by the time between Lauren's summer job and school starting. I'd really kind of like to go someplace other than to visit family in Oregon, but my parents are 87 and I hate to disappoint them. OTOH, so many other possibilities involve MORE driving or big $$, and they mainly would be things Lauren doesn't want to do. (i.e., not shopping or 'hanging out'). Glurg. Everyone else would be all over museums or hiking, but NOOOooooOOOoooo. o_O

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