The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

One last pimpity-pimp try...

Still a little time left to sign up for LJ Idol. Do it ! DO IT! If you want better-worded reasons, consult my post here.

Just finished biking a route near the office that I haven't done in about two years. Past the farm full of warm strawberries, around and up some light hills past a high school, down and then up a rural road that no longer has the random sculpture garden thingy I used to like. Surprise!Eucalyptus trees (forgot about those—the other ones I used to bike past elsewhere were cut down), narrow bridge over muddy water (yuck), fields-that-sometimes-have-cattle, loop back onto a road I already did earlier... Some not-great surfaces and more hilly than usual, so it was tiring AND I hit about 95% of the possible lights, but it was still a nice adventure!

I found out something last week that surprised me, though many of you probably already knew this: Scots and Irish Gaelic are very closely related. Boy, I thought they were as different from each other as Welsh is from either of them! But no. They're more like alternately-spelled-with-local-dialect versions of each other. They both confound me, regardless—all of those bizarre silent or mispronounced letters? What is that all about? By comparison, Welsh is a walk in the park. :O

Speaking of Welsh, I go past a name-listing on one of the walls at my office for someone whose last name is Marth. I kept thinking that should be 'Mawrth', so I Googled mawrth to see if it's a Welsh word. D'OH! How quickly I forget-- it means "Mars." And is also the Welsh name for the month of March.

I R old...

Tags: cycling, pimpage, random
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