The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The saddest kind of journey

I'm in Twin Falls with my brother and sisters, here to say our goodbyes to our oldest sister.

She suffered a massive heart-attack earlier this week, and there is just too much damage for her to recover. If it weren't for the Huntington's disease, the doctors might consider heroic surgery, but at her age and with the decreasing autonomy waiting for her in the future, it isn't worth the risk.

She was transitioned into hospice this afternoon, and we don't know yet whether the end will come quickly or in weeks or months. But the staff will keep her feeling cared-for and comfortable, and she will become less aware of what's happening. She's been told simply that she doesn't need to be in Intensive Care anymore, and has been moved to a regular room. If there's any chance this will help to hide reality enough for her not to be afraid, we would all welcome that. The Huntington's has left her with a lot of dementia, and these next few days and beyond are the first time that might actually be something of a kindness.

Good thoughts, please, for her, for my brother-in-law, for us all.


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