The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

HalfshellHusband and I finally got out on a date Saturday. We were desperate enough to see The Great And Powerful Oz, which was both better and worse than we expected. Unfortunate miscasting in several of the lead roles (horribly modern vocal delivery) and some odd stealings from the original movie. Why? But there were some great visuals, and I loved that China Town was made OF china. The Porcelain Girl was my favorite.

I biked on Sunday, normally a day I avoid the bike path like blazes but with the 3rd Monday in a row pointing toward windstorm and biking indoors, I really needed to swap days. (Mondays are my longest rides, 26 miles). Not as crowded as I'd feared (weekends are awful), AND I saw a raccoon running across the path! Probably not good, since it was daylight, but I'd never noticed before how much flappy skin they have—more "flying squirrel" than "badger."

I tried to make Tigger's memorial plague on Sunday, from the worst craft kit ever. It starts with "Empty 3 cups of water into the cement mix all at once" and that turned out to be at least 1/2 cup too much. Why oh why didn't they say to use less? You can add water, but you can't take it out. Tried to drain some of it out of the mold, tried sopping it up with paper towels. No dice. By morning, it had hardened over to where I couldn't put any of the stones/etc. into the mold. Grrr! Plus, now we have to buy another one. :(

We're getting caught up on S4 of Justified. I really like how much more the show has developed some of the secondary characters this season, namely Rachel and Tim. Plus, a glorious late-season conversation between Tim and Cole reveals more about both characters and is also funny. \o/ I've reached the end of my patience with Ellen Mae, BUT the exploits of Suddenly-Awesome-Bob more than make up for it. "People underestimate Bob at their peril." Indeed they do!

Tags: cycling, me, movies, tv
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