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Well, once again I made it to the Top Ten of LJ Idol, and then got voted out! But I had a great time and wrote a lot of things I'm very pleased about, and made some new friends. :) Thanks to those of you who offered your support, especially those outside of Idol like tsuki_no_bara and deirdre_c. I'm sure there were more of you, but you've been quiet about it, so I can't say for sure.

What's next? Well, this was a bad time to get dropped from writerverse, because that really helped keep me writing original fiction between Idol rounds. However, that Justified story for the Fic Exchange isn't going to write itself, and I still have a single dangling prompt for 5_prompts that I keep trying to write. Other stuff will show up too—it always does. :O

Today's bike ride:
  • Two rattlesnakes on the bike path. I haven't seen one since at least Fall. Fortunately, neither was in my lane—they tend to like dappled shade, and I usually ride right over them. :O
  • A tom turkey putting himself on display for an entire meadow of oblivious females too busy pecking at bugs to even notice him.
  • Squirrel mating season, aka, Rodents running in front of the bike tires. Hate it! Some lizards darted out onto the shoulder on my Wednesday ride, and as soon as they spotted me they went right back into the grass. Because even lizards are smarter than ground squirrels. Gah!
  • Possible near-encounter with a bee down the bosom, but I think it backed out. Whew.

    Books: remember my discussion of Jasper Fforde's Shades of Grey? I finished it and could not find the next in the series anywhere. Turns out it has not yet been published. Woe.

    TV: Thanks to a glitch in an episode of Justified, I persuaded my husband to start watching S2 of The Walking Dead. There's too much gore and grossness for both of us, but he remembered that it will not kill him. Finished Episode 2, in which Rick appears to be going off the rails. And his child is now a butthead, though a fairly competent one.

    Weekend plans, anyone? I'm desperately hoping to sell at least one of the two dressers we're advertising on craigslist. God, the flake factor is neverending there.

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