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Voting closes for this round of LJ Idol tomorrow. We're losing 4 of 10 people, and how is my story not doing better? It's here.

Along the highway on the way to work, I now pass the world's most dejected traffic cone. It's covered in soot and tire tracks, and is bent over in utter defeat. Other prouder, cleaner traffic cones mock it farther down the road.

We watched Winter's Bone last night. Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress Oscar this year in a pretty thin field (not a lot of great BA roles in 2012), but I could practically hear the Academy's interpretation of all this:

2011: "Wow, look at this kid in 'Winter's Bone.' She's scary-good. But she's young. Maybe it's a fluke."
2012: "Huh, 'Silver Linings Playbook.' I guess she is that good. Should've given her the Oscar last year. Well, we can fix that now..."

Gearing up to watch Hannibal again tonight. Our network TV viewing is at an all-time low: The Simpsons (if we remember), The Mentalist, The Following, Castle (sometimes), L&O: SVU (sometimes), Community, and Grimm. Pretty sad! Cancelling L&O: Classic a few years back sure was genius, wasn't it, NBC? :O

ETA: Picked up two ladybugs cycling past open meadows today. One was there only seconds, but the other stayed for 5 or 6 miles just toodling around and around my arm.

Tags: cycling, movies, tv
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