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Vacationish times are looming...

Voting closes today on the current round of LJ Idol. My entry is here. Hope you like it!

I finished and sent off the taxes over the weekend, and finalized our Spring Break plans. Which are being tweaked again, because my daughter wants to visit UC Irvine and UCLA while we're in Southern California (Disneyland) and wants to come home a day earlier than I'd planned. She not only has homework projects over the break, she has to practice a group "play" that her English teacher assigned (during a week when people leave town. Thanks a lot!) :(

I signed up for the Never Leave Harlan fic exchange, possibly because I am insane. But I used to do the Prison Break fic exchanges, and Justified has a similarly rich breadth of regular secondary characters. It's the 1000-word minimum that I always find daunting. It likely will be no problem, but I hate word minimums. It's one of the aspects of Yuletide that makes me nervous, too. Stories, for me, are as long as they want to be. A couple that I offered as random Yuletide gifts are ones where I don't know HOW I'd fulfill the prompt/fandom if I were given those as assignments. The Harvard/MIT Hate-Sex story is under 700 words, and I think it's perfect as is. The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock fanfic is a poem and it's under 800 words. I would hate to have to randomly add 230+ extra words to it just because! But... others apparently do not share my issues quite so much. Or at all. ;)

Books: I'm reading The Woman Who Died A Lot, Fat Vampire, and The Vanished Man. That last is a Lincoln Rhyme novel, and I actually groaned out loud when the B-plot improbably converged with the A-plot. Again. (Just finished The Cold Moon, where that was a lot to swallow the first time). So speaking of length... authors, it's okay to tie off an A and B plot separately! Converging them just to make your book fatass-long instead of "typically" long is ridiculous. Especially if the premise doesn't really work. :(

So, I'm hearing of snow threats in places that are NOT the Midwest. How is this happening so late in March?

ETA: New LJ Profile page with the ghostly font hurts. So much hate! Ow.

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