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LJ Idol Exhibit A: "Empires Of Parched Earth And Air"

Empires Of Parched Earth And Air
LJ Idol Exhibit A | week 7 | 714 words
Honey Badger Don't Care


Day 1
Amassed armies and provisions for first conquest this morning. Subdued three tribes between our base and the whispering lake. Ranks now larger by ten strong men, holdings by more than ninety goats.

Wife says goats not suitable souvenirs. Flowers? Lizards? Well-shaped stones? Choices are scant.

Day 57
Attacked new villages and tribes. Ruler now of all Mongolia. I am Khan!

Day 224
Ruling Mongolia now seems small thinking. The vastness of the world awaits me. Must plot next military campaign.

Day 258
Begin journey to Xi Xia. This dynasty will be mine!

Year 3, Day 14
Defeated Xi Xia. Slow process, but there was much to learn. Tonight, we feast!

Year 3, Day 20
Feasting and celebrations grow tiresome. Victory no longer sweet.

Year 3, Day 72
Dynasty to the south appears poorly protected. Now oddly attractive. Ordered Cavalry to resume training.

Year 5, Day 3
Spies report Jin Dynasty still sleeping. Fools—glorious fools! Gathering army to begin next assault. This mere parcel of earth cannot contain me.

Year 5, Day 43
Crossed through Xi Xia on approach to Jin and reminded them that I am KHAN, ruler of them all! Also collected additional supplies.

Year 7, Day 189
Battle thunders on.

Year 8, Day 16
And on. Warriors now dreaming in Horse.

Year 9, Day 31
Crushed the raging hordes! Bloody campaign, worthy result. Many riches, and multitudes of new, loyal subjects.

Year 10, Day 142
Have conquered no new lands in over a year. Feeling restless. Old enemies in Kara-Khitan an affront to my authority. Must destroy! Send general Jebe and large troops.

Year 11, Day 22
Still affronted.

Year 12, Day 246
Kara-Khitan has fallen! Did the dance of the furry boots and sacrificed twenty antelope to honor empire's expansion.

Year 12, Day 313
Ambitions grow with each passing day wasted in this meager terrain. Advisors say the Silk Road offers valuable trading opportunities—very valuable indeed. Sent ambassadors off to propose treaty.

Year 12, Day 350
Offer rudely rejected. Sent new ambassadors.

Year 13, Day 36
Ambassadors returned in damaged condition. One dead. Launched full-scale attack.

Year 13, Day 117
War continues, troops wage slaughter. Captives useful as shields against advancing armies, pyramids of skulls discourage attack from the rear. The fierceness of my armies shall yet prevail!

Year 13, Day 259
Encountered village with many beautiful women. Selected prize maiden, but father demanded bridal dowry. Slew him and stowed maiden in supply caravan. Rampaged onward.

Year 14, Day 9
Finally breached most formidable mountain yet! My troops move forward like a deadly scourge of fire.

Year 14, Day 32
Crushed the raging hordes! Also murdered or enslaved where convenient. Mighty Khwarizm is mine.

Year 14, Day 119
Utterly bored. Invaded a watering hole six hours hence. Added a grizzled shepherd and his flock to my spoils. My spirit starves in the absence of new adventure.

Year 15, Day 6
Yurts developing holes, men increasingly ill-tempered. Divided army, sent half to conquer Caucasus. Led other half toward Mongolia, tracking north to plunder new kingdoms on the way.

Year 16, Day 257
Crushed the raging hordes! Have acquired the wealth of Persia. Or a pestilence of the skin.

Year 17, Day 11
Menaced Kara-Khitan on return to land of birth, for they are still mine—mine! Let this warning serve them well.

Year 19, Day 103
Arrive in Mongolia, begin new era of peace. Wife says yurt not befitting of stature. Soldiers create new.

Bed down for the night with horse. Wife sleeps in yurt alone.

Year 19, Day 335
Oddly morose today. Ate half a yak. Sharpened battle-ax out of habit and recalled Khwarizm campaign. A fine, fine legacy. Will I know its equal again?

Year 20, Day 68
Enacted new laws and inventoried remaining plunder. Took out armor and inspected, tried it on. The immense magnificence of my empire seems woefully distant.

Year 20, Day 129
Spies bring notice of unrest in Xi Xia. My old enemy rises again!

Notify generals to form troops, order cavalry to gather horses. We will wipe the people of Xi Xia off the earth this time, leaving none to remember their names, for we are the most divine and powerful force reigning under the sun.

Let the glorious battle begin!

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