The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

PB Fic Awards, Fun and Rambling

The PB Fic Awards first-round voting closes tonight, July 7, at Midnight EST. Please cast your votes if you haven't already done so. On my f-list alone, clex_monkie89, mooyoo, lissa_bear, pamalax, fiddleyoumust, alazysod, aspensnow, quincykat and I all have nominations... Step up, people, please!

Sample fun-- maybe: Paint Like Jackson Pollock. Now this is interesting. Every mouse click changes the paint color, and every time the cursor stops you make a blob. However... I quickly discovered that I wanted more control over my Jackson Pollock painting. Yes, I realize how weird that sounds. The reality was, "Hey! I don't want that color! Or that one! Man, this sucks!" and "I want to start my splatter over here." (there's no picking up the cursor. Every move leaves paint.) And "Damnit-- another blob!" But please, really .... sample for yourselves. ;)

Randomly, PudMonkies and Scabrous would make good names for Punk bands. However, I'm thinking Death By Decay and Yesterday's Headlines are more alterna-band names...

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