The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Voting for LJ Idol closes today! We're losing the bottom nine, so... *bites nails*. My entry is here.

In current kidlet news, Lauren's team went out in the first round of the county Mock Trial finals. This should not have happened, by which I mean that her team performed better (the judge was quite surprised by the scoring), and the fact that they were up against her school's other team was unfair to begin with. Her school has a very successful program, and other people resent that. Instead of putting Seed 1 against Seed 8, as is usually done, the brackets were arranged to make sure that only one team from her school could advance (last year, both teams were in the final 4). The sad thing is that it's not the coaches this hurts, it's the individual kids. Her team worked like dogs, and they executed at every trial. There's a reason they were expected to win.

Still bitter, obviously. :( So let me counteract that with something Christopher found last week: The Most Hilariously Paranoid Things You Can Buy On The NRA Website! Satire—it cures all ills!

I bug-proofed half the roses in the yard this weekend (this takes forever), but have not yet planted my new cherry tomato plants. This is how it usually goes—buy with great ambition! Actually plant a week later, when everything's half wilted! \o?

I think that might be a metaphore for my life in general, really. :O

Tags: my_kids, recs-humor

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