The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

LJ Idol voting for this week closes tody. My entry is here, and those of you with kids (especially younger ones) should really check it out!

So, what happened to the weekend? \o? I worked on some fanfic (including a drabble that didn't turn out to be locknkey's, but keeps me up-to-date for writerverse. I've got one that isn't quite done, and one not started yet. There was reading, running (I completed my 4 miles without incident this week!), Christopher's rec basketball, and I finished The Age of Miracles and The Cold Moon (both good).

Got some yardwork done, but not what I'd intended. When I was a kid (a yard slave for my Dad), I swore I'd never have a yard that required a lot of maintenance, but that's what was waiting when we moved into this house. Motto: if the whole yard's landscaped and you can't see the whole back or front from a single window, the yard is too damn big. Ugh.

Just now discovered that Christopher thinks his first stuffed animal, a plushie killer whale, is named Shamoo. Ahahahahahaha! And this is the kid who can actually spell!

All right, biking soon. I need a "TODO" list, so that while inflating the tires on Monday pre-ride is not when I suddenly remember that I need to replace that front tire. :O
Tags: me, my_kids

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