The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors


Gads, my showings in the LJ Idol Poll sure aren't looking good. We're dropping the bottom 7 this week, and I'm right in that "vaguely-tied-with 15-other-people" space. Nooooo!

About to go bicycling, and I should mention that my run yesterday was unexpectedly crappy. I think I made 3 miles of the 4, with a lot of stops near the end, because—get this—I overheated. Just a few degrees makes a lot of difference, and apparently 55-degrees when the sun is overhead is too hot for what I had on. Wimpopotamus. :(

Here's something from Blue Pueblo that caught my eye. That is a beautiful bridge system, but I could never walk on that in a million years. Even just a few feet up from the ground, I'd be teetering like a drunk on New Year's Eve. Could be my vertigo or my fear of heights... but I think vertigo helps cause fear of heights. For very good reasons. The bridge over the strait of Corinth? I had my back up against the railing there, and I still felt the backs of my legs "screaming" the way they do in dreams, when you're falling off a cliff. Know what I mean? :O

ETA: Community returns this Thursday! Gee, you'd think NBC might actually promote that or something, wouldn't you?

Tags: random, running
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