The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

So, that happened...

The 49ers lost the Super Bowl, which caused much sadness at our house. Gads, the first half was just awful.

But did anyone watch the Puppy Bowl? I need to track down a vid of that-- there were rumors of hedgehogs as cheerleaders!

Also, before I forget again, this is a few weeks old but still fun. It came around on Twitter: Dealing With Mansplainers (as demonstrated by Hilary Clinton in gifs). It's all in the presentation.

Voting closes on another round of LJ Idol tomorrow, and my story is on the bubble thus far. Hoping to get at least far enough to write some good satire or crack, but you never know. :O

Bookwise, I'm reading The Age Of Miracles (interesting, but NOT convincing as the narrative of an 11-year-old) and The Cold Moon (one of the Lincoln Rhyme novels). I just finished The Dead Do Not Improve, which I should write a blurb for on Amazon. Really interesting prose style, very different from other writers. So much 20-nothing ennui, and not the pretentious kind but rather the workings of a marginally-employed would-be writer barely keeping ahead of urban destruction and the Recession.

So, did anyone celebrate Groundhog Day? Or not much, beyond hoping that winter is ending soon?

Tags: books, recs, recs-books, recs-humor

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