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Writing Style Meme, Part Deux

So, a few years ago I tried out this "style analyzer", just to see what turned up. All I had to feed it was fanfiction, so why not try again and see what it thinks of my original and non-fiction, and more recent fanfiction?

I started with my Prufrock Fanfiction Poem, to see if it would ID my inspiration. No! It went with James Joyce. Though T.S. Eliot may not be in the mix, since he's primarily just poetry. Can't say whether that assessment is accurate or not. It also flagged Each The Other Man (Luther Fanfic) and Some Other Weather (original) as Joyce, so what does that mean?

For the Sci-Fi stories, I got two Arthur Clark labels (Cyber Soulmates, and Adrift) and one Isaac Asimov (Celares). No Bradbury. :( But Transfixed (original drabble) came up David Foster Wallace, and the dystopian Science And Technology Elimination Department (S.A.T.E.D.) was Stephen King. Huh.

Horror stories: two Chuck Palahniuks (Splintered, and In The Dark) and one Cory Doctorow (Don't Think, Don't Breathe). I think this would be news to Mr. Palahniuk. :O

Fable/Fantasy stories: roll the freakin' dice. Anne Rice (Doomsayer, and I've read Rice. This is wrong), H. P. Lovecraft (The Coming Of Night), Rudyard Kipling (A Tale Of Amphibian Ambition), and Robert Louis Stevenson (Strange Waters). I think the "older" language is responsible for that last one. The Supernatural Wincest Pirate AU fanfic, Galleons And Ghosties, still comes up as Stevenson, though I think it's Game Over anyway once the parser hits "pirate."

Satire and Crack: I call foul on all of these! Committee for Reworking Artistic Potential (C.R.A.P.) as Arthur Clarke (HOW?), Thar He Blows! as Dan Brown (I don't think Dan Brown writes satire on purpose), Kickin' It, Particle Style as Douglas Adams (hairtrigger reaction to "quark", I'll bet, because this is nothing like Adams), and Angels And Anklosauruses (Supernatural fanfic) as William Shakespeare. Ahahahaha! Just No.

'Serious' Non-Fiction entries: overwhelmingly David Foster Wallace (Secrets, Regrets, and All That Is Left Undone), with one Ursula K. Le Guin (In Some Distant When).

'Serious' Fiction: Stephen King for You Are Here (seriously?), Chuck Palahniuk for Another Ride On The Merry-Go-Round (both of these are second-person), and Gertrude Stein for Time It Was, And What A Time It Was. *cries* Kill me now. Stein also came up on the dialogue-heavy Just This Once (Burn Notice fanfic). :(

"Justified" fanfic: two Margaret Mitchells (When The World Fell In, and Something Like Lightning), which makes me wonder if there are any OTHER Southern writers in the database, and Raymond Chandler for When Blood Runs Black As Coal (Zombie AU). \o? Looks like that tool wasn't even the slightest bit fazed by the zombies! Wow.

Still hitting David Foster Wallace on a lot of other fanfic (Natural Affinity and The Corollary Of Concomitant Inspiration, both Iron Man slash), though the Mozzie-centric White Collar Easy-Money Mirage got Jack London (what was that about? The mention of a palm tree?) However, the opening chapter of Parables Written In Blood (Prison Break, T-Bag) got William Gibson this time, and it was Wallace two years ago, so I think they've added some authors.

There's a lot of random in all that, but it looks as if I am tagged once again with this:

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

Try it out and see what you get! It's fun. :D

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