The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Feeling Vindicated...

Meant to post this over the weekend, but time got away from me! LJ Idol has started again, and you know what that means. Current story: Splintered. And on a random and repeated note, Prufrock, Prufrock, Prufrock!.

So, last week my son and husband left around 8pm for basketball practice one night. I suddenly heard Christopher yelling from the garage, "Auugh! Out! Get out!!!" He described it later as, "I saw a rat. A huge rat. A rat the size of a cat! Then I realized what it was..." Thus vindicating my frequent comment that American possums look like giant, rabid, rats. Ugh.

Our yard is being frequented by a really persistent skunk these days, too (the stink outside the bedroom woke me up in the middle of the night last week). Must I call Animal Control on these guys? Would it even help?

Also, before I forget, an incident at Target just after Christmas that cracked me up:

Toddler: *epic howls of the horribly misunderstood*
Dad: *distract, distract*
Toddler: No! No-no-no! *more grousing against the universe*
Dad: (Five minutes of attempting to distract/quiet the child later) "Do you want to go have a timeout in the car?"
Toddler: *pause* "Why?"

At first you think, "Ha! Oh yeah, that was some other kid totally fussing around all this time." But then you realize that this is the mark of being so little—the total inability to see that your behavior is so excessive, or to connect it with the consequences! But of course, that is how they learn. That "Why?" was just the last response I expected. :D

So, how's everyone? I am behind in everything, as usual, and sick of winter! Though it's warmed up a little lately...

Tags: humor, me, my_kids, random
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