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My compulsivity, it is not pretty.

Even if I never talk about them in detail, I don't want to lose track of all these books I've read recently:

Raylan - Elmore Leonard. Characterization and plot diverges a little from the show. Irritating prose in places (better punctuatino would not diminish dialect). Raylan less smart, Boyd less dark, Rachel more talkative.
Bruiser - Neal Shusterman. Not what it first appears, and some priceless teen narrative as always.
The Beginner's Goodbye - Anne Tyler. Soulful, prickly, engaging.
Lost Light - Michael Connolly. Late Harry Bosch after retirement, details the period after the end of his marriage.
The Drop - Michael Connolly. Harry Bosch returns to cold-case duty. Even grittier than typical Bosch, and just as interesting.
The Weed That Strings The Hangman's Bag - Alan Bradley. A good Flavia De Luce novel.
Romeo Spikes - Joanne Reay. Intriguing, more captivating than expected.
Angel's Flight - Michael Connolly. Really good Harry Bosch novel, holds up on rereading.
Toys Come Home - Emily Jenkins. New prequel to "Toys Go Out." Fun, a little thin, original still better.
"V" Is For Vengeance - Sue Grafton. Compelling Kinsey Milhone novel, much better than previous one.
The Limpopo Academy Of Private Detection - Alexander McCall Smith. Good subplot on Mma Potokwane.
The Color Of Water - James McBride. Unexpected, more truly about his mother than it first appears.
The Last Dragonslayer - Jasper Fforde. Cute, first teen effort.
American On Purpose - Craig Ferguson. Funny, poignant.
Robopocalypse - Daniel H. Wilson. Fantastic Dystopian novel, multiple POVs, would make a lousy movie.

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