The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Post-Weekend Fly-by

Boy, it was hard going back to work after that 10-day break! Especially since it felt like I got almost nothing on my Todo list finished...

I did reveal my three Yuletide stories over here, which nobody on my f-list seems to have read. *sadface* LJ's decision to die on-and-off during that whole timeframe didn't help, but in summary, they were fanfics based on Burn Notice and Die Hard 4 Slash (both funny!), and my epic offering on The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (which I really wish all you poetry and English-Lit fans would read!).

At home, there was too much eating (god, sugar and chocolate are so much my nemesis). A bunch of roses got pruned, but I still have about 10 rose trees and some 25 bushes to do (!), and while the Xmas tree is gone the various decorations are still lying around. I hope to whittle away at that part during the evening hours.

I started reading Craig Ferguson's American On Purpose, which is more a full-out autobiography than just a story of his decision to become an American citizen. Very funny, regardless. That led me to look up videos of his show on YouTube, and I somehow stumbled across this 2009 Letterman Interview. Go to about 7:35 in, where Ferguson talks about working with Mick Jagger. I laughed myself into tears over that, because his analogy was both entirely unexpected and also CANNOT BE UNSEEN once you have seen it. I'll never think of Jagger the same way, that's for sure.

I also recommend the point at about 3:42 in this Jessica Fletcher spoof, where the Late, Late Show's props department sneaks one over on him. ;)

So, a bunch of you are making New Year's Resolutions. My only one involves weight loss, which was an utter failure last year, so needs more willpower this year. It's not the exercise, which I'm always tremendously committed to. It's the food, the sweets, etc. I hate my body chemistry (including the hypoglycemia, which makes this so much worse). That says it all...

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