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02 January 2013 @ 01:57 pm
What I wrote in April - Dec of 2012  
Pre-meme housekeeping. Don't mind me...

Supernatural Gen:
The Dark Hours (Season One Drabble) - Sam only sleeps in the car...
Abundance (G, Drabble) - Sometimes the middle of nowhere is a pretty good place to be.

Prison Break Gen/Other:
Unplanned Obstacles (PG-13) (Post-Escape) - Michael's patience has its limits.
Last Chances (G) - Tonight, they would escape.

Prison Break Slash:
Useless To Deny It (PG-13) (Michael/Lincoln) - There is no way for Michael to hide this from himself.

Other Fanfiction:
Die Hard 4: Radiant Heat (Gen or Slash, Drabble) - John is a terrible patient.
Die Hard 4: Worthwhile Compromises (PG, John/Matt) - Opposites attract, and negotiations are never-ending.
Burn Notice: The Con Man's Cocktail (Michael, Drabble) - Conning criminals never gets old.
Burn Notice: Just This Once (PG, Gen, Humor) - Beware of Greeks bearing job offers...
White Collar: The Finer Things (Neal, Peter, Drabble) - Neal's tastes run to caviar and champagne.
White Collar: Looking Up (Gen schmoop) (Neal, Mozzie, June) - A bad day doesn't have to stay that way.
Justified: When The World Fell In (Raylan/Boyd, Pre-Series Drabble) - Raylan never wanted to be a miner...
Justified: Something Like Lightning (PG) (Raylan/Boyd Pre-Series) - In Harlan, nighttime changed everything.
Justified: Steal Your Breath Away (PG-13)(Raylan/Boyd, Pre-series Drabble) - Just for tonight…
Justified: Finally Found Something Real (R) (Raylan/Boyd) - There are all kinds of truth, and some of them won't stay hidden forever.
Justified: When Blood Runs Black As Coal (PG-13) (Raylan/Boyd, AU, Zombies, Humor) - There's trouble in Harlan County but surprisingly, it is not of the criminal kind.
Terminator, Sarah Connor Chronicles: In Uncharted Territory (PG) (Sarah) - It is a war she alone believes in.
The Dark Knight Rises: Cry Havoc (Talia, Bane, Drabble) - Gotham was not their first playground.
Chuck, Terminator SCC, Silence Of The Lambs, Smallville: 50-word ficlets - a couple of new fandoms, and a new pairing.
The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock: Siren Songs From Untraveled Seas - And indeed there will be time...

Original Fiction:
Different Destinations (Unused Idol Entry) - I was never quite what you wanted.
Kickin' It, Particle Style (Crack) - A quark is a quark, of course, of course...
Clarity - I think my wife is having an affair.
Bedtime Stories (Drabble) - There once was a wolf...
Don't Think, Don't Breathe (Horror) - It's no secret that you have to be quiet—everybody knows that.
A Tale Of Amphibian Ambition (Fable) - The grass is always greener, the pond always larger...
Science And Technology Elimination Department (S.A.T.E.D. 1) - Me and Jimmy found something yesterday.
To Avoid Sinking (Police procedural) - It's no job for a woman.
Thar He Blows! (Satire) - Excerpts from the Very Secret Diary of Rush Limbaugh.
In The Dark (Horror) - I woke up in a dark room.
Going Backwards (S.A.T.E.D. 2) - I don’t know where I was when it started, but I sure as hell was there at the end.
Strange Waters - The Loch is not my home.
Thief Of Hearts (Poetry, Unused Idol Entry) - I stole something from you.
Committee for Reworking Artistic Potential (C.R.A.P.) (Satire) - Helping one misguided would-be artist at a time.
Waiting (S.A.T.E.D. 3) - The call that never came...
Doomsayer - A gift, or a curse?
Rumors, Secrets, And Lies (S.A.T.E.D. 4) - I punched Dickie Schroeder at school today.
Celares (Sc-iFi)- People don't talk much anymore about what went down at the colonies...
Adrift (Sci-Fi) - They said they were coming back for us.
(( Post- LJ Idol ))
Transfixed (Sci-Fi drabble) - Landen waits on the threshold.
Miscalculation - Don't bargain with Death...
Some Other Weather - The obvious is not the only truth.
Transitions - Hope comes and goes. Sometimes it is reborn.
The Coming Of Night - Myths or legends speak of impossible change for a world of endless light.
Cyber Soulmates - It's a whole new kind of computerized dating.
Enough Already (Inanimate Narrator) - Nobody likes being needed all the time...

Original Non-Fiction:
Radio Days - Tales from a former disc jockey.
Tales From The Pit - The adventures of a sometime violinist.
'Til There Was You - Love works in mysterious ways.
All That Is Left Undone - Vacation bears only a faint resemblance to what it once was.
Regrets - Surviving disinterested parents.
Managing Toward Failure - One of my friends is losing her job.
Secrets - My sister is disappearing...
In Some Distant When - This is the story of my visit to my sister in Idaho.
Tall Tales - When I was little, I believed all my father's stories were true.