The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Late Yuletide Treasure

I've forgotten to share my Yuletide bounty! I was very lucky, and got two stories this year:
Roughing It, a Die Hard 4 John/Matt slash story (rated R). Wonderful characterization, snarky and authentic dialogue, and a nice conflict-resolution arc.
The Fool-Proof Christmas Plan, an extra treat of Reaper fanfic, featuring work-avoidance schemes and the characters doing all the mutually thwarting things they do. :D

No one's taken me up on my offer of a free ficlet for guessing which Yuletide story was my big, unexpected extra. I'll give you another hint: it's literature-based fanfic. That narrows it down. Go ahead, you know you want to guess!

Post Xmas, I haven't gotten as much done as I intended to (big surprise). I assembled a bunch of Christopher's scattered Bionicle sets to donate to Goodwill, and have dug through a ton of LEGO and K'Nex boxes to see where some of the missing pieces are for a couple of remaining sets. I've done some yard cleanup and finished a couple of books (that's for another post). Annnnd, on Christmas, Lauren mentioned that I should change her wireless network name to something cooler than its use-location, such as FBI_WATCHVAN. So I did. My God, the squawking! Gads. I told her she'd have to wait three days before I changed it again (to let her get over herself). So, three days later she emailed me a nag and I changed it: to CREEPER_NET. That resulted in an email that began, "I bet you think you're hilarious..." Why yes, yes I do. She wants something that "will not alarm the neighbors." I don't think she realizes that grownups know that names like that are obviously jokes. ;) Fine, then—SNOOTYBOOTS it is!

New Year's Plans, anyone? Ours will be at home, with the kids, watching something on TV. Not very spectacular, but it's just nice to have some extended time off. And a slight break in the rain...

Tags: humor, me, pimpage, recs-fanfic

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