The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had some good time with family and loved ones, or even just some time to yourselves to enjoy (that pile of Yuletide stories won't read itself).

Thank you so much to heliokleia and tuesdaeschild for the lovely v-gifts. *hugs them both* And on the flip side of things, Happy Birthday to scarlett_o and belated wishes to needtakehave! I hope both of you found some time to celebrate in between other festivities.

I made it to Christmas on time, where the family was concerned, and in addition to my official Yuletide story, I wrote an extra late last week (a night and afternoon of deep devotion for something I couldn't pass up) and a short little something on Christmas Eve. I'm even prouder of the middle one than my official story, and you will never guess what unexpected waters I waded into. Though if you do, I'll write you a ficlet of your choosing. There are only some 1700+ stories for Yuletide to choose from, though I'll offer a hint: it's technically fanfic, but not of a genre people usually write.

Looks like we won't be going to Oregon this year. HSH can't go, and this is an awful time of year to leave him by himself. Plus, the weather... one snowstorm after another in the Siskiyous, pretty unrelentingly. Ugh. You really want either rain or dry pavement going over the I-5 summit.

So, good Christmases? Good enough? I thought about several of you today, for whom this is a tough year, and I hope you weathered the day well. A New Year is coming, and I have faith that it will be a better one. ♥

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