The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Deep breath...

Okay, my Yuletide story is done and posted. I don't love the title, but I can update if a better one comes along. Meanwhile, I'm scanning the pinch-hit stuff to see if I can offer a Yuletide Madness goodie to someone who shows up on there, and also peeking at what's on the requests at the site. Temporary concern: I see these notes like, "No genderswap" or "No AUs, please," and think... are there people who WOULD do that to a fandom in a Yuletide fic? Because to me, anything like that is obviously out of bounds unless the requestor specifically asks for it!

Yesterday's bike ride: ironing board in the middle of the road (not the bike line, thank goodness). \o/ How do you not notice something like that falling off of your truck?!? The only other non-mundane recent sighting was a few weeks ago, when I biked past a retirement village. There's a big man-made water feature there, and an egret was stomping across the top of the fake waterfall looking as if it had found the most awesome pond EVER! Heh.

Still hoping for a few concrete things from my Holiday Wish List, but since that has never happened yet, I'm probably kidding myself. Oh, well. To the gym!

Tags: cycling, me, random

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