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Handsome Arabic Actor Picspam

For a request at insmallpackages, a selection of handsome Arabic actors!

First, when someone says "handsome Arab actor," my mind goes straight to the original:

Omar Sharif of Egypt, in a still from 'Lawrence of Arabia.' For me, he was the center of that whole movie. Peter who?

Next, an actor I hadn't heard of, but whose name comes up pretty near the top for Google Images. His eyes are amazing:

Alexander Uloom, of Iraq.

This next man is widely considered a hottie, probably just based on this picture alone:

Mrad Mouawad, of Lebanon.

This actor looks incredibly different in these two photos. The first is a handsome kid who looks like he'd also be a good friend, and the second looks like a softcore porn shot featuring Robert Downey Jr.:

Ahmed Ezz, of Egypt.

Now, if you're looking to cast an Arabic version of Superman, this guy is your Clark Kent. And also just very good-looking when he's being playful:

Ladies and gentlemen, Cenk Torun, of Turkey.

My daughter says I'm crazy for thinking this next guy is handsome, but she's 15, so what does she know? He looks much more down-to-earth when he smiles, but for fiercely dark good looks, let us not overlook this man:

Faran Tahir, a Pakistani-American actor (seen in 'Iron Man' and the 'Star Trek' reboot movies). The 'stans' are on the bubble for Arabic/not, but many of the people are Arabic.

The very young and older versions of this next man look a little different, but both are quite arresting:

Ahmed Al-Zabedy, of Kuwait. Some sites claim he is an actor, but mainly he's a really popular model.

And finally, two photos that make the same person look completely different. Both are terrific, but the second has me thinking of Omar Sharif again, for some reason.

Mehmet Gunsur, of Turkey.

I discovered just in time that

Oded Fehr is Israeli, so while Middle-Eastern he is not technically Arabic. Still handsome, though.

My husband was disappointed to discover that 'Arabic' does not include India, which means that his utter favorite (seriously, it goes beyond reason) is out:

Naveen Andrews, who is not Arabic.

And if we're going to go that route, I would of course add this incredibly handsome guy:

Sendhil Ramamurthy, also Indian and not Arabic, who pretty much embodies anyone's idea of an Indian prince.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this excursion through the desert sands, and that I've honored the topic to your satisfaction!

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